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Be a Rock Torrent Free Version

Been a Rock Torrent Free Version is an approaching amateur game developed by Ivan Panasenko. The gameplay is set to launch in 2023 and will be accessible on Laptop. The game’s concept is a unique and refreshing take on the traditional rock – paper – scissors game, where players take on the role of a rock and had battle another elements to thrive and become the best champion.

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The gameplay of Be a Rock Crack Download revolves around the classic match of rock’n’roll – report – scissors. Where athletes take on the role of a stone and face off against other aspects. The sport features a one – person campaign method, as well as a multiplayer setting where participants may vie against each other.

The single-player campaign mode tells the tale of a rock who has conquer other elements in order to emerge victorious after traversing many different situations, including mountains, deserts, and oceans. The show’s technicians are plain. With people using the arrow keys to shift their rock around and the spacebar to attack.

Get a Rock Get Total Game

Be a Rock Torrent antagonists are other factors, such as scissors and document, who have their own special abilities and strengths. Players must use method and quick reflexes to dodge attacks and fight their opponents.

Get a Rock Download Latest Type even features a multiplayer mode where people can compete against each other in real – day games. The multiplayer mode adds a layer of method. As players must not only use their stone’s abilities but also circumvent their opponents.


    A novel approach to the standard rock-paper-scissors match is the Remain a Rock Download Free notion, which entails playing as the stone and battling other elements.

  • Second – player plan mode: Get a Rock features a single – player campaign mode where players can follow the story of a rock on its journey to become the final champion.
  • Online mode: Free Version Become a Rock online mode allows players to compete against each other in real – time matches, adding a level of method and competitiveness to the gameplay.
  • Simple technicians: Get a Rock Free concepts are straightforward, with players using only the arrow keys and spacebar to proceed and assault, making it easy for players of all ages to pick up and perform.
  • Special rivals: Be a Rock Torrent foes are other elements, each with their own unique abilities and strengths, adding variety and challenge to the game.
  • Numerous environments: The game’s plan mode takes players through numerous environments, including deserts, oceans, and mountains, adding to the game’s interactive atmosphere.
  • Upgrades: The activity features upgrades that players can unlock to strengthen their rock’s abilities and strength.
  • Song: The game’s song is composed of melodic rock and roll tunes, adding to the game’s enjoyment and lively atmosphere.

Structure Criteria

  • Requires a 64 – tad computer and acting technique
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 are the operating systems.
  • Chipset: Intel i3 – 3250 / Amd Animation – 6350
  • Ram: 6 Mb Computer
  • Images: Hp Radeontm R9 270x or better, or Nvidia Geforce ® Gtx 650 Si 2gb.
  • Store: 3500 Gb applicable space

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